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Brand Strategy

We specialize in creating fearless brand strategies that propel brands to new heights and ensure continued relevance and market leadership.


Social Media

A strong social media presence can help convert a potential customer, bring back old customers or keep existing customers aligned with your brand.



Our SEO agency experts live and breathe the world of code utilizing best practices to make your business rank ahead of the competition.


Google Ads

An entire network of advertising options exist outside of traditional social and search platforms. From content to native to video and streaming, the possibilities are endless.


Digital Consulting

Your digital media strategy will generally be part of a bigger picture we can help you determine exactly how this piece fits into the overall puzzle.



Impactful imagery is one of the most effective tools for a brand. We direct how and what is captured to create authentic moments to use across all digital platforms.


Content Marketing

It is more important than ever to build experiences that resonate with consumers online. We create impactful content with intent, nuance and creativity.


Identity Design

Building a website, empathy for the end-user is the foundation on which we design everything. We get inside your audiences’ heads to build high-quality digital experiences. 


Web Design

More than just a logo, we create a comprehensive visual language that consistently communicates who you are while ensuring your brand stands out from the competition.


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Why choose

Rise To The Top
Integrity at Murphz Lawz Creative is not just about being honest in
the most critical of situations or having strong moral principles. Every campaign is executed with your company’s best interests at heart and every decision is made with you well-informed.
Count On Us
The performance of your campaigns with Murphyz Lawz Creative are naturally of the upmost importance. After all, without results, what’s the point? This importance extends as far as our team being the first to tell some customer that we don’t believe we can deliver and adopting a no-contract trial period policy for all enquiries.
Try, Try Again
Every member of our digital marketing team is entrusted to produce exceptional results that boost your company’s profit, brand awareness and exposure. But that does not mean that we hide behind our desks and sophisticated technology. We deliver, we communicate, we report thoroughly and we own it. Even our mistakes.


See, the problem is that every CREATIVE AGENCY says the same ol’ shit these days. So instead of telling you what we are, we’re going to tell you what we aren’t:

WE are not yes people

WE are not corporate

WE are not boring

Let’s just be totally honest with each other, YEAH?


We strive to make
our clients happy?

So, let’s be happy together