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Transforming Mission Flats into the Heart of Calgary’s Vibrant Community

Private Developer

Brand identity, Signage, Print, Experience Marketing, Google Ads

Discover Mission Flats, a revolutionary development in Calgary that revolutionizes the concept of affordable and accessible housing. Our mission? To embody the unique voices and spirit of our diverse community, all within the walls of this groundbreaking project.

Through a combination of thoughtfully designed apartments and a dynamic social and community hub, Mission Flats brings the spirit of the Mission neighborhood into the modern era, while still paying homage to its rich history.

Our challenge was to capture the essence and charm of the neighborhood. By working closely with the development team, we crafted a series of creative campaigns that transformed Mission Flats into a flourishing and diverse community. We invited our audience to reimagine this contemporary hub, which seamlessly blends modern living with the story and legacy of Mission.

Join us as we delve into this case study, exploring how Mission Flats has become the beating heart of Calgary, where affordability, accessibility, and community unite. Discover how we successfully conveyed the vibrancy of this unique neighborhood and its captivating history through our innovative campaigns.


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Brands are everywhere?

When we embarked on our mission to fill Mission Flats Apartments with the right residents, we started with a collaborative brainstorming session with our client. Our goal was to identify the ideal avatars who would truly value and make the most of the neighborhood charm that this development offers. Our mission was to provide them with a warm and inviting home that they would cherish for years to come.!

Brand identity

Mission Flats goes beyond being a mere brand; it embodies an entire identity. It symbolizes the captivating fusion of culture and history, thriving in vibrant urban neighborhoods packed with all the conveniences one could ask for. Mission Flats captures the essence of what truly holds significance: an enduring legacy harmoniously blending the best of both worlds.


Design assets were made flexible for an immense spectrum of application— big and small.


Print materials are still a necessary part of communications and marketing.Used appropriately, print media can solidify your brand identity and readily engage consumers.

Paid Advertising

To ensure we connect with the best tenants, our approach combines Paid advertising and digital strategies. This combination of marketing tactics gives us access to high quality leads so that we can provide them with exceptional rental opportunities.

Living life to the fullest has never been easier than at Mission Apartments. Our exceptional community and thriving neighborhood effortlessly enhance your daily routine, leaving no wonder why our residents love calling this place home!

The ownership groups mission is clear: to design living spaces that seamlessly marry the quaintness of small towns with the convenience of big cities. We strive to offer families and individuals immaculate, vibrant homes that not only boast an array of amenities but also ensure safety and a cheerful atmosphere.

Discover how Mission Flats redefined their brand identity through an extraordinary logo that speaks volumes. Our innovative approach seamlessly merged design and strategy, resulting in a captivating branding book and vibrant website designs. Prepare to be captivated by the magic of Mission Flats!

Mission Flats apartments are thoughtfully designed to make sure residents have everything they need to live the life they want!

Live life on your terms with Mission Flats! The sophisticated apartments give you the freedom to live as you’ve always wanted without having to sacrifice style, quality or value.