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Step into the spotlight with Strategic Edge Leadership!

LEX Consulting Group has the knowledge and expertise to help you scale your business

Lex Consulting Group / Coming soon

Live the Nordic-inspired lifestyle with Jovie Apartments in NW Calgary!

a distinguished blend of chic style and opulent luxury with its flooring design

Flooring Design Studio / Coming soon

Experience the perfect fusion of style and substance at the Beltline’s tallest tower

Crafting a New Tale for Inglewood’s Newest Luxury Rentals

Elevating luxury rentals through Community & tasteful design decisions

Writing a new story for Sherwood Parks newest Luxury RENTALS


Designed for Woman Entrepreneurs with an impact

Differentiating iNSTRUMENTS that break the mold

Rooted in the heart of the community 

Breaking the perception of a mundane law office

Higgerty Law

Village life on calgary’s vibrant riverfront by anthem

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